Paul Zane Pilzer

I answer some of the blind statements of Paul Zane Pilzer of City Bank, in his book Unlimited Wealth "that there is something much more serious at this point in economic history, the one thing virtually all economists in the world will agree on today is. None of them know the answer!,..We don’t know what makes our economy grow.!" ANSWER: Open letter to the President of the Commonwealth of Independent States. (Posted on blog) 30 Leading U.S. Economists are Signatories in 1990 to a joint statement which contains:- “A public revenue system should strive to collect as much of the rent of land as possible. The component of land value that arises from community growth and provision of services is the most sensible source of revenue for financing public services that raise the rental value of surrounding land. "What we see is that we are totally without a working theory to explain what we see in every day life...People don’t react well when they’re told something different..." ANSWER: The taxation system must be exposed as being harmful to societal growth, not only because it cuts down the purchasing power of the great mass of the people, but because it completely fails to deal with capitalised land price as the major hurdle to public and private expansion. (Keynesian economics also ignores this completely.) "Deficits, It is not in anyway affecting our economic output or behaviour." ANSWER: Taxing labour to service deficits is charging a person for the privilege of earning a living! I can’t think of a better way of raising the unemployment rate. "There is no panacea out there !." ANSWER: I’m very suspicious of people who take that point of view, I think it’s a substitute for having constructive ideas themselves. The word panacea is a scare word, it is used to intimidate people who have a solution, I refuse to be intimated. To me the wonderful thing about Site Value Rating is the way it reconciles a number of ideas that in other philosophies and in the dominant philosophy today are considered to be incompatible. For example we can have a progressive tax system and we can have free markets and we can have incentives at the same time, these are not only compatible these are essential to each other.

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