How to Change to Site Value Rating

1) Any Councillor can give notice in writing to the CEO of his/her intention to move at the next meeting that the council carry a resolution to adopt Part (Number) Rating on Site Values of the Local Government Act and request that notice of such be included on the agenda. 2) By special resolution of the elected Municipal Council. What action follows such a resolution? The council gives each occupier or owner a notice setting out that particulars of valuation and comparing the rates payable under the two rating systems for his property. The council advertises in a local paper and the government Gazette 3) By a poll following presentation of a demand signed by the statutory number of ratepayers. The Council must take a poll and give effect to the result where a demand for such poll is presented to it signed by at least 10% of those whose names appear on the municipal roll. Coucnils ahve been known to ignore the law in this regard. Other Steps Ratepayers can elect Councillors favourable to Site Value rating to replace others opposed to it.

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