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Paths to Homelessness: Extreme Poverty and the Urban Housing Crisis Caught in the Mix: An Oral Portrait of Homelessness Moving to Nowhere: Children's Stories of Homelessness Braving the Street: The Anthropology of Homelessness Beside the Golden Door: Policy, Politics, and the Homeless Homelessness in the United States, Europe, and Russia: A Comparative Perspective Reading the Homeless: The Media's Image of Homeless Culture A Nation in Denial: The Truth about Homelessness Homelessness Amid Affluence: Structure and Paradox in the American Political Economy Gimme Shelter: A Social History of Homelessness in Contemporary America Something Left to Lose: Personal Relations and Survival among New York's Homeless $1 Million Project Aims to Curb Homelessness in the Suburbs Homelessness in Rural Areas Grows Disability Benefits for Drug Addicts to Be Cut off Today: Some Fear Rise in Homelessness Kinder, Gentler Homelessness Arise, Take Up Thy Mat, and Walk: Most Homeless Programs Fail Because They Protect Lifestyles That Produce Homelessness and Neglect the Moral and Spiritual Means to Overcome It Vulnerability Factors for Homelessness Associated with Substance Dependence in a Community Sample of Homeless Adults Images of Homelessness in Ottawa: Implications for Local Politics Homeless Fatigue Syndrome: The Backlash against the Crime of Homelessness in the 1990s Short- and Long-Term Homelessness and Adolescents' Self-Esteem, Depression, Locus of Control and Social Supports Who Goes Homeless? We Can't Begin to Solve the Problem of Homelessness until We Realize That It Isn't about Homes The Abolitionist: Bush's Homelessness Czar Has Some New Ideas. Will Liberals Listen? Are Shelters the Answer to Family Homelessness? Helping People off the Streets: Real Solutions to URBAN HOMELESSNESS Homelessness among the Young How Many Homeless? Outcasts on Main Street: Homelessness and the Mentally Ill The New Outlaws: Cities Make Homelessness a Crime U.S. Homelessness on the Rise, Says Study AIDS and Homelessness: Thousands May Die in the Streets Homeless - Not Hopeless Cities Get Tough with the Homeless Community-Based Treatment for Homeless Parolees Officer Joel Fay Helps Mentally Ill Homeless People Get off the Street and into Care Helping the Homeless Help Themselves

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